Fayat Piling - Canning Town Project


Jet Grouting

The Jet Grouting technique is used to improve soils, implement structural support, water barriers and foundations.

Different types of application:

  • Foundations, underpinning
  • Shoring - retaining wall type
  • Reinforcement: slope stabilization
  • Underground structures: pre-shoring with umbrella vaulting, piers or foundation raft, face reinforcement, priori consolidation and/or creation of water barriers before digging
  • Hydraulic structures: water barriers screens, watertight plugs

The design of a Jet Grouting project specifies:

  • The diameter of the columns
  • The foreseeable resistance depending on the nature of the ground
  • The overall behavior of the mass of jet grouting (structural support, reinforcement and/or water proofing)

A trial run performed before starting on site validates the parameters of the jet grouting in order to obtain the required diameter.

Jet Grouting 1 Jet Grouting 2 Jet Grouting 3 Jet Grouting 4 Jet Grouting 5 Jet Grouting 6