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The grouting technique is used to improve soils and certain man-made structures (masonry, concrete...).

Standard examples of ground grouting:

  • Filling of natural cavities (karsts, dissolution voids...)
  • Filling of man-made cavities (especially underground quarries)
  • Re-compacting of accidentally decompressed soils (water leakage, nearby excavations)
  • Filling of soil fissures to prevent water flow (cut-off curtain wall under a dam, containment cut-off wall around excavations or a shaft...)
  • Permeation of sands and gravels using a liquid product which sets after injection

Standard examples of grouting in man-made structures:

  • Filling and bonding of fissures in a reinforced concrete structure to restore its solidity
  • Renovation of old masonry and in particular of quarry stone joints
  • Bonding between the facing of an underground structure and the surrounding ground

Grouting for the consolidation of the foundations of an engineering structure:

  • Regeneration of old masonry forming the foundation
  • Consolidation of the bearing soil under the foundations
  • Improving the contact between the foundation and the soil
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